Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan; Our founders saw the needs of children in our community and wanted to help in any way they could. "To many, it may just be a photo, but to the families receiving these photos or attending our special events it is everything." We work with children with every type of background, giving them a new outlook on life. If we can give a child a new perspective of this world or themselves then we've done a good job! 


Mission Statement 

Little Heroes of Hope believes a moment of love can last a lifetime. It
is with collaboration, support and a belief in something beyond
ourselves that will bring hope to a child in our individual communities.


Grand Rapids, MI - Photo House & Elevated GR - Owners

Traverse City, MI - Nick Zell - Representative

Chicago, Illinois - Corfias Films by Kamie Corfias - Representative

Denver, Colorado - Carli Younggren - Representative

Phoenix, Arizona - Alyssa Haselsteiner - Representative

Fairfax, Virginia - Karis Hinders Photography - Representative

Little Rock, Arkansas - Seth Bauman - Representative

Dallas, Texas - EzPz Photo by Pradeep Sanjeev - Representative

Carson City, Nevada - Shellie McMasters Photography - Representative

Portland, Oregon - Brandi Briones - Representative

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Fuller Photography by Tom Fuller - Representative

Delaware -Fuller Photography by Tom Fuller - Representative

Northern Maryland -Fuller Photography by Tom Fuller - Representative

Honolulu, Hawaii - Phuong Le Photography by Phuong Le - Representative


Clearwater, Floriday - Henry M Production by Henry M - Representative


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